Fresh Eco Bowl-Clips

Fresh Eco Bowl-Clip - Spiced Apple, Red

Fresh Eco Bowl-Clips

Unseen and secure - in the Ladies Restroom, the seat goes down and stays down, locking in the Eco Clip and eliminating odors for 30 days. Unique patent pending material contains 30x more air freshener than standard rimsticks. Gradually releases air freshener over 30 days. VOC compliant. 100% recyclable. Will not dissolve in, or pollute water. Easy to use. Fits on the outside of most standard toilet bowls, clips on the side of a toilet tank or even on a bathroom partition. Shrinks to fit as fragrance evaporates. Versatile - used in many toilet and non-toilet areas to combat odors.

US4BCCM Fresh Eco Bowl-Clip - Cucumber Melon, Blue/Green

US4BCM Fresh Eco Bowl-Clip - Mango, Orange/Red

US4BAS Fresh Eco Bowl-Clip - Spiced Apple, Red